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Yes! All of our products are made with all-natural ingredients. All of our sorbetto flavors are Dairy-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Vegan Certified too. 

Where do you come up with the flavors?


We have a team of chefs on staff. Part of their job is to dream up new flavors for our gelato and sorbetto product lines. If you have a flavor you'd like to see, share it with us! 

WHAT ARE stabilizers and why do you use them?


Good question! Don't be afraid of stabilizers. We know that word may sound intimidating, but we use them to do exactly that...stabilize the gelato and sorbetto. Temperature can easily fluctuate from the time our products leave our kitchen and pop into your freezer - think of all of the possible moments when the temperature may change:  trucks you see on the road, the shelf stockers at the grocery store, the shoppers than leave the door open while they shop. All of those things affect the texture of the product...and it's not for the better. We use stabilizers made from plants in all of our products. Read more about stabilizers here

Do you have nuts in your facility?


We do. We have a small production facility where we process, dairy, nuts, and peanuts. We have a rigorous cleaning regime and we follow a schedule where we make allergen products on allergen-days, so no cross-contamination on our machines. We test all machine parts before crafting non-allergen products for your safety. 

your sorbetto is so bright, do you add color or flavor to it?

No way! Our gelato and sorbetto products are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, like fresh lemon juice, cane sugar, and real milk and cream. We don't use any artificial colors or flavors. 

Where do I find your products near me?

You can find us at many fine retailers across the USA. Check our STORE LOCATOR here to see if we're near you. You can also shop online and have our products delivered right to your door for $24.99 and get FREE DELIVERY if you're within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta, GA with CODE: "ATLANTA" with a $25 minimum purchase. We have local same-day delivery with our partners:  POSTMATESDOORDASH, and ZIFTY.

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